Jonathan Swift

Gulliver's Travels

Part III: A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan

Chapter V. The Author permitted to see the grand Academy of Lagado. The Academy largely described. The Arts wherein the Professors employ themselves.

(German version of this chapter / Kapitel in deutscher Fassung.)

Part IV: A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms

Chapter I. The Author sets out as Captain of a Ship. His Men conspire against him, confine him a long time to his Cabbin, set him on Shore in an unknown Land. He travels up in the Country. The Yahoos strange Sort of Animal described. The Author meets two Houyhnhnms.

Chapter II. The Author conducted by a Houyhnhnm to his House. The House described. The Author's Reception. The Food of the Houyhnhnms. The Author in distress for Want of Meat, is at last relieved. His Manner of feeding in this Country.

Chapter III. The Author studious to learn the Language, the Houyhnhnm his Master assists in teaching him. The Language described. Several Houyhnhnms of Quality come out of Curiosity to see the Author. He gives his Master a short Account of his Voyage.

Chapter IV. The Houyhnhnms Notion of Truth and Falshood. The Author's Discourse disapproved by his Master. The Author gives a more particular Account of himself, and the Accidents of his Voyage.

Chapter V. The Author at his Master's Command informs him of the State of England. The Causes of War among the Princes of Europe. The Author begins to explain the English Constitution.

Chapter VI. A Continuation of the State of England; so well governed by a Queen as to need no first Minister. The Character of such an one in some European Courts.

Chapter VII. The Author's great Love of his Native Country. His Master's Observations upon the Constitution and Administration of England, as described by the Author, with parallel Cases and Comparisons. His Master's Observations upon Human Nature.

Chapter VIII. The Author relates several Particulars of the Yahoos. The great Virtues of the Houyhnhnms. The Education and Exercises of their Youth. Their general Assembly.

Chapter IX. A grand Debate at the General Assembly of the Houyhnhnms, and how it was determined. The Learning of the Houyhnhnms. Their Buildings. Their manner of Burials. The Defectiveness of their Language.

Chapter X. The Author's Oeconomy and happy Life among the Houyhnhnms. His great Improvement in Virtue, by conversing with them. Their Conversations. The Author has notice given him by his Master that he must depart from the Country. He falls into a Swoon for Grief, but submits. He contrives and finishes a Canoo, by the help of a Fellow-Servant, and puts to Sea at a venture.

Chapter XI. The Author's dangerous Voyage. He arrives at New-Holland, hoping to settle there. Is wounded with an Arrow by one of the Natives. Is seized and carried by Force into a Portugueze Ship. The great Civilities of the Captain. The Author arrives at England.

Chapter XII. The Author's Veracity. His Design in publishing this Work. His Censure of those Travellers who swerve from the Truth. The Author clears himself from any sinister Ends in writing. An Objection answered. The Method of planting Colonies. His Native Country commended. The Right of the Crown to those Countries described by the Author is justified. The Difficulty of conquering them. The Author takes his last leave of the Reader: proposeth his Manner of Living for the future, gives good Advice, and concludes.

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